Essential Principalship Practices Rubric (RPD-8)

Sergio Tobón (1,2), Sergio Raúl Herrera-Meza (1), Luis Gibran Juárez-Hernández (1), and Cesar Núñez (3)
1 CIFE University Center, Cuernavaca, Mexico
2 Ekap University, United States
3 University of Medellín, Colombia

Tobón, S., Herrera-Meza, S. R., Juárez-Hernández, L. G., & Núñez, C. (2019). Essential Principalship Practices Rubric (RPD-8). Mexico City: CIFE.

Dear Director or Researcher
The purpose of this rubric is to self-evaluate eight essential practices that principals of elementary schools must have in order for educational priorities to be achieved and formed according to the challenges of the knowledge society.
You have a version in Google Forms, which you can request from CIFE: explaining the purpose.

First, we ask you to complete a series of general data that are essential to process the results, such as sex, age range, studies, etc. This information is strictly confidential and will be protected in the institution.

Then, eight questions are presented, and each question evaluates an essential management practice. Please read the question and then review the descriptors, starting with 1. VERY LOW LEVEL and continue until you reach 5. VERY HIGH LEVEL. Read the full descriptor of each level. If you comply, continue with the following. Select the level that best corresponds to what you do today.

If at one level it does not meet half or most of the aspects that are indicated, then select the previous level.
Keep in mind that although the levels are similar, the descriptors are different for all questions.

You should only mark one level in each of the 8 questions.
Remember that all information is confidential.

We invite you to carry out this questionnaire with sincerity because it will allow you to self-evaluate in your current professional practice as a director, but it will also help us to have a better instrument to be applied in all directors in a general way, in order to help you improve their performance for the benefit of education.

Please note: It is not intended to evaluate the profile as a principal or the functions that must be performed in the school, they are only intended to assess the essential actions according to the priorities of basic education.

Thank you very much and we appreciate your commitment

Practices Description Practices Description

Practice 1. Resource and space management Degree of collaborative work to provide the school with the resources and physical spaces that are needed to achieve thorough education, school coexistence, recreation, and sports.
Practice 2. Expected learning Degree to which concrete actions are managed and implemented to achieve students’ expected learning according to curriculum standards, at the sufficient or basic level as a minimum.
Practice 3. Essential competencies Degree to which all the school stakeholders implement specific and collaborative actions to assess and achieve the development of the main basic competencies: reading, writing, mathematics, and school coexistence.
Practice 4. Dropout Degree to which every school stakeholder implements concrete and collaborative actions to reduce school dropout.
Practice 5. Pedagogical practices Degree to which the principals implement actions to support the improvement of teachers’ pedagogical practices, with an emphasis on problem solving, creativity development, and continuous-formative evaluation.
Practice 6. School safety Degree to which stakeholders diagnose school safety issues and implement collaborative actions to prevent and manage disasters and contingencies.
Practice 7. Inclusion and coexistence Degree to which inclusion and school coexistence are achieved by all stakeholders’ participation in collaborative work.
Practice 8. Minimum normality Degree to which the schools operate to provide educational service with normality, regularity, and punctuality, making full use of time in learning activities.

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